Introducing "Nazgul" coin, inspired by the fearsome characters from Lord of the Rings. It aims to captivate crypto enthusiasts and Middle-earth fans alike. With 0% taxation, "Nazgul" coin allows for fee-free transactions, promoting financial freedom.

Just like the Nine Rings of Power that bound the Nazgul to the will of Sauron, "Nazgul" coin binds its holders together in a community of like-minded individuals. Join hands with your fellow adventurers and explore the vast landscape of decentralized finance, as "Nazgul" coin becomes a symbol of unity and resilience in the crypto realm. Let the darkness be your guide as you journey towards financial sovereignty!

NAZGUL Ecosystem

The NAZGUL will help you:

-Get a unique experience of Middle-Earth
-Follow in the Fellowship’s footsteps
-Earn passive income
-Connect to Web 3.0 lifestyle by doing routine tasks



0% Taxation


Phase I

  • Launch Social Media accounts
  • Launch Website
  • Stealth Launch
  • CMC/CG listings
  • Fei Xiao Hao Listing
  • TP Wallet Logo (Chinese Wallet)
  • Coin Listing Websites
  • AMAs with prominent communities
  • Influencer Campaign including Chinese influencers
  • Meme Contest
  • Solid Proof/Interfi Audit
  • Launch music video & how to buy video
  • Banner Adverts(Dapp Radar, BTOK, Dex, Etherscan etc.)
  • Create Discord community
  • Chinese influencer partnerships established

Phase II

  • More Billi Billi, Weibo, Twitter & Youtube Influencers
  • Expand team
  • Form new partnerships with various coins
  • Expanding Discord community
  • Certik audit
  • Trust Wallet logo
  • Launching first staking NFTs
  • Total Telegram community of over 10k
  • Exchange listings on medium tier exchanges

Phase III

  • Launch Dapp
  • Sponsor Events
  • Further expanding the team
  • Community meeting
  • Expanding the Telegram community above 20k people
  • Expanding Discord community above 5k people
  • Collecting feedback about the App
  • Start building second NFT gallery with NFTs made from community
  • Billboards in Europe/America & Asia Exchange
  • Listing on Big EU/US Exchange
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